Can I teach French online without a teaching certificate?

On most online platforms, you can teach French online without a teaching certificate. If you browse tutor profiles on these platforms, you’ll find that a lot of the French teachers don’t have qualifications.

That said, having a teaching certificate will make it easier for you to: 1) find students, 2) get accepted on to the better websites, and 3) charge an hourly rate that enables you to live comfortably.

Whilst teaching qualifications will help, language sites and students will also be trying to assess whether you are talented at teaching French. You’ll need to display an ability to explain things simply and clearly. And because many people learn French as a hobby, you’ll also need to give students the impression that you will be a nice, fun person to work with. Look at how other, popular teachers present themselves in their videos and try to do something similar.

French is one of the most popular languages in the world, and there are many different websites where you can post your profile. So even if you don’t have a teaching qualification, there’s nothing stopping you from finding some great students!

That said, if you don’t have any training in teaching French, you should consider taking a short course in teaching French. The certification you obtain will give you more credibility. And if it’s a good course, it should also help ensure you don’t have any glaring gaps in your knowledge or skills. There are many of these available, including some that are 100% online.

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