Can I tutor French online without a degree?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to tutor French online without a degree. In fact, browse tutor profiles on the largest online platforms and you’ll see that often the majority of the tutors don’t have a degree in teaching French.

It’s true that having a degree in teaching French will enhance your credibility. This will give you a better chance of finding students and being able to charge an hourly rate that you can live comfortably on.

But if you have a natural flair for teaching your native language, plus you are able to communicate in an engaging way (both during lessons and in your profile video), you’ll have no trouble finding students.

French is one of the most popular languages in the world, and there are many different websites where you can post your profile. So if you are a strong communicator and you have a strong knowledge of your native language, you should be well set.

You may want to consider taking a short course in teaching French to give you more credibility and help ensure you don’t have any glaring gaps in your knowledge or skills. You can often find these online.

Fluency in English will also improve your chances of making it as a French teacher online.

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