Should I teach French online?

Education is changing. And one of the most significant changes is that more and more students are exploring online learning. In response, teachers are also shifting to working online. I’ve just started teaching French online via Lingoci and below, I’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages I’ve encountered thus far.

The Advantages of Teaching French Online

– Teaching online allows me to help people all around the world. Working offline meant restricting my market to my local area. Now I can have more students and get to know people from all over. I’m looking forward to the relationships and friendships I’ll build with my students, as well as learning about their cultures.

– It’s flexible. I can choose he hours I want to work. The calendar technology is really easy to use so I can update my availability in just a few minutes.

– I can work from anywhere. Currently I’m at a beautiful beach resort in Thailand. The WiFi has improved a lot over recent years in the developing world. I just make sure I book accommodation where the reviews says the Wifi is good, and also a place that has a quiet space for me to teach, as students find background noise distracting.

– Teaching one-on-one, I can decide for myself how I teach. This is really rewarding and allows me to adapt to each student, ensuring the lessons meet their specific learning style, level and any other preferences they have.

The Disadvantages of Teaching French Online

– It can be a bit lonely sometimes. When teaching over Skype, you don’t quite get the same sense of connection that you get when teaching a student in a classroom. But, this is a minor point because you can still see them and hear them, and I’m already building a great rapport with my students.

– You have to be patient. It takes a while to build up a base of regular students. My teaching hours are increasing over time and I’m teaching on more than one website to help with this.


Overall, I feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a mile. I’m really excited to build my teaching career online!

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