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Learn Japanese fast with an experienced, native tutor. Enjoy lessons that are personalised based on your goals and level.


Interactive, customised & effective lessons.

Improve rapidly with Japanese lessons on Skype. The lessons will be tailored to your goals, level and interests. You’ll learn with a dedicated tutor, communicating and sharing learning materials just as you would in a classroom.

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Learn anywhere, anytime.

Learn Japanese at times that suit you from any location. Our advanced scheduling technology allows you to book lessons with ease. You can even add them directly to your online calendar and receive email and SMS reminders to help keep you organised.

Talented Japanese Tutors

Unlike other tutoring websites, we only accept the very best applications. This is why the Japanese tutors on Lingoci receive lots of recommendations and have an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. All of the Japanese tutors are native speakers who also speak English. They’ll make you feel comfortable, even if you’re a beginner. Watch the videos below to find out more about each tutor. You’ll be able to see their exact availability when you go to book a trial or a lesson.

From: Tokyo, Japan; Suitable for: All levels & ages; All needs except Japanese for business; Typical Availability: Every day except Sun.

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From: Tokyo, Japan; Suitable for: All levels, ages & learning needs; Typical Availability: Weekdays.

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From: Tokyo, Japan; Suitable for: All levels; Age 14 & up; All needs except exam preparation; Typical Availability: Every day.

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From: Fukuoka, Japan; Suitable for: All levels & learning needs; Age 14 & up; Typical Availability: Every day.

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From: Tokyo, Japan; Suitable for: All levels & learning needs; Age 14 & up; Typical Availability: Mon-Fri.

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Meet A Japanese Tutor On Skype

If you’re new to Lingoci and you think that one of the tutors above might suit your needs, you can take a 30 minute trial session. No commitment, no card required.

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Is learning Japanese via Skype effective?

Japanese lessons booked through our platform are taught via Skype because it’s free, easy to use and perfect for language learning. It allows you to do everything you would do in a classroom: speak, listen, read, write, and share learning materials. Your tutor will provide corrections directly in the Skype chat so that you can later revise everything you’ve learnt from your mobile or laptop.

As well as Skype, most Japanese tutors often use other technologies and resources to enhance the learning experience, for example Google Docs (for real-time collaboration), videos, and PowerPoint slides. If you are unable to take the Japanese lessons via Skype, please contact our support team and we’ll see if a tutor is able to use an alternative video technology.


When can I take lessons?

You can learn at a pace that fits your schedule and goals – it’s completely up to you when and how often you take lessons. When you book your trial session, just make sure that the tutor you choose has booking times that fit your schedule. Some of them have a lot of students!

Have very limited weekly availability? When choosing a tutor for a trial, simply complete a form to ask our support team to suggest an appropriate tutor. You can also change your tutor later on if required.


Is this the right way of learning for me?

1-on-1 lessons are possibly the best way to improve speaking skills, and for this reason many students use Lingoci to learn to speak Japanese fluently. However, you can also ask your tutor to help you with other skills, such as grammar & listening, as well as specific challenges like using Japanese at work & preparing for exams. Whatever your background and motivation, consider signing up for a trial session to see if learning Japanese via Skype is the right choice for you!


Are 1-on-1 Japanese lessons on Skype affordable?

Aside from being more convenient, Japanese lessons via Skype tend to be cheaper than learning face-to-face as travel and classroom costs don’t exist. Of course, learning 1-on-1 with an experienced tutor is still not the cheapest way to learn a language. But we do believe it is the most effective. You can see lesson pricing via this page.