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Want to get a free lesson and help tutors like yours gain more work? Please share or recommend Lingoci to your friends via one of the methods below. If someone you know signs up for lessons, we will give you a free lesson. There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer to us, and they can also get a 10% discount on their first 10 lessons. You’ll be saving money and helping people – who can say no to that? It takes just 30 seconds…

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Questions and Terms:

If my friend takes lessons with Lingoci, how will you know that I referred them?

We receive a notification when someone buys lessons following a referral. We then ask them who recommended us.

How can I redeem my free lesson?

We will send you a coupon code via email. You’ll then be able to book your free lesson on the website.

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General Terms
When one of your referrals successfully purchases a package of lessons, we will email you with a coupon code for a free lesson.

Qualifying Purchases
A qualifying purchase is any successful purchase of a Lingoci package. It does not include single lesson purchases. A purchase that is subsequently canceled or found to be fraudulent does not qualify.

Other Restrictions
A purchase does not qualify if you refer yourself or existing users of Lingoci. Users that attempt to abuse the referral promotion will not receive the referral bonus, and their Lingoci account may be suspended.

Limited Time Only
This referral program is effective for a limited time. The requirements and incentives are subject to change.