Hi 👋

Alex here, founder of Lingoci.

Unfortunately, we are closing in March 2024. This means that the latest date you’ll be able to book for is March 20th 2024. No expiry extensions will be possible because Lingoci is closing down shortly after. You also cannot buy lesson packs anymore, but there is a better alternative, and you’ll see an explanation below.

Why is Lingoci closing in 2024?

In 2020, Lingoci was growing, but it was stuck using third-party booking software that I could not change. This meant it was not the best tutoring platform. For example, I wanted tutors to be able to build their reputation, show off their reviews, and set their own prices.

That year, I worked with a friend of mine, a talented engineer at Google, to design and build LanguaTalk, a platform that now has thousands of learners and hundreds of tutors, including almost all Lingoci tutors.

If you wish to continue with your tutor after you run out of lesson credits, you’ll almost certainly find them available on LanguaTalk. If you cannot find them, please email me (support@lingoci.com) and I’ll check for you (sometimes tutors hide their profile for new users, but you’d be counted as an existing student. There are also a couple of tutors who haven’t joined yet but will do in the coming weeks).

Of course, whilst you still have lesson credits available, you can continue on Lingoci.

Please be assured that the booking process on LanguaTalk is very similar to the Lingoci system (with some improvements, and some new features coming soon).

If you’re wondering why Lingoci can’t continue alongside LanguaTalk: it has for the last 2 years, but it has shrunk a lot and most tutors and learners have moved to LanguaTalk. The software isn’t cheap, and it doesn’t make sense to continue running a platform with very few tutors.

Lastly, thank you for being part of Lingoci. It has been a great pleasure serving you and our other learners and tutors over the years.

I hope that once you finish up on Lingoci, you’ll continue learning over on LanguaTalk (I know many of you have already made the switch). If you’d like to check it out, you can do so here.

All the best,